Is this Darwin’s cheapest Will?

How Much Have You Been Quoted to Get Your Will Done?

A client came to me the other day and they had just been quoted over $1,500 to get their Will done.

Understandably, they said to me:

"That's unbelievable! All I want is something simple".

So I suggested this person to have a look at Ailira - as she can actually help people draw their own Will for $150.

The client was bewildered. "How does she do something for so cheap?"

But you see, the thing is that Ailira is an Artificial Intelligence that can guide you through the process and help you set things up if it really is simple.

Making Simple Wills Really Simple

The client opened up their computer and in less than an hour had generated their own Will and made sure that their legacy Will be passed on as they wanted. They printed the Will off and got a couple of witnesses to sign it. Ailira was also able to answer their questions such as who should they choose as an executor and what responsibilities does an executor has. If you want to find out free legal information about Wills and Estates and how you can draw your Will you too can chat to Ailira at

Ailira is an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing to provide free legal information on a broad range of legal issues, including Business Structuring, Wills and Estate Planning and much more coming soon! In addition, you can use Ailira to instantly generate Australian legal documents for your business and personal use, much cheaper and faster than a visit to a lawyer would take.

Adrian Cartland is the Creator of Ailira, the Artificial Intelligence that automates legal information and research, and the Principal of Cartland Law, a firm that specialises in devising novel solutions to complex tax, commercial and technological legal issues and transactions.

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