Ailira for Professional Research

Ailira for Professional Research

Ailira is redefining the way that professionals research

How does it work?

Ailira's research product works like Google, but for a closed set of information.

Ailira can operate on private and secure databases. Google only works with public information that has weblinks, and only does keyword searches.

In specialised subject matter searches and private databases Ailira is vastly superior to Google and any other current search function.

For example, consider the following statements:
1. Fruit flies like apples
2. Time flies when you are having fun

If you do a keyword search for the word "flies" a traditional search will rank each statement equally

But if I asked "What do flies like?" a human will instantly know that the answer is "apples" rather "having fun". Because of her NLP (Natural Language Programming), Ailira can understand that too.

Private Database

Ailira can be used for private databases for organisations so that they may use search their internal files. This provides ready access to the knowledge base of the organisation.

Private databases are entirely separate from Ailira’s public searches, and knowledge that she learns from the private database is not transferred into the public database.

A private database can be beneficial for opening up access access to:
1. complex and technical precedents and knowledge bases;
2. finding documents (e.g. emails, client information); and
2. internal company information, eg:
- “What is the phone number of X”
- “Who is the person responsible for South Australian audit team hiring decisions”
- “What is the policy on bring your own device for Android phones”

Files would typically be indexed on a mirror site, hosted on Dropbox or Amazon Cloud or similar.

Tailored Legal Information

Ailira's tailored legal information function operates as a chatbot.

Ailira asks a number of questions via text (or speech) like an interview. That information is collated and can be analysed to provide advice, and also automatically generate documents.

The tailored legal information function solves the problem of providing cheaper legal information.

The tailored legal information function works as a combination of the following:
1. Ground Truth question and answer pairs. Therefore the user can ask questions in a       chat dialogue and be provided with answers.

2. Research. Where the Ground Truth cannot answer questions then the user is given     highlighted answers from the research database

3. Structured question series for a particular topic. If a user was starting a business Ailira will follow a decision tree of questions to give an indicative answer of what structure they should use. Then a follow on series of questions could obtain the information to generate the documents suggested by that advice.

4. Open questions to gather information on a particular topic. This operates as a 'pre-interview' so that information required for a human to review can be gathered.

5. Connectivity with other platforms. Information gathered through a chat dialogue can be exported into, say, a pre-filled letter of advice for a human to settle, automatically generated documents, a private database, emails etc.

To teach Ailira an area that she can advise on she requires input on the above 5 parts.

This creates a rich conversational experience that users can have with Ailira.

She can react to questions of theirs (Ground Truth, Research), ask them directed questions that follow on from each other, save the user time interacting with the human advisor, and generate certain documents automatically.

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