Ailira (an AI) Passes Uni Tax Law Exam

Ailira's abilities were put to the (literal) test, when Adrian Cartland's girlfriend, Sarah, a Speech Pathology student with no experience in tax, used Ailira to sit a university tax law exam. With only a 30 minute crash course on the fundamentals of Australian tax and how to  use Ailira, Sarah was able to achieve a confident pass mark of 73%.


Cartland Law is therefore pleased to announce that Ailira has successfully completed her Beta testing and has now been launched as a final product. During her time in Beta Ailira has also been put through her paces by hundreds of Australian tax professionals, and has received positive feedback on her accuracy and ability to understand and search for concepts using natural language.


Based on user data, the final version of Ailira has an upgraded display, the ability to combine search types, and a unique conversational interface added. These features enhance the usability of her natural language search algorithms. Ailira has also learnt from the questions that users have asked and improved her understanding of human conversation and tax law.


That someone with zero knowledge in tax can pass a university tax law exam demonstrates the ability of Ailira to increase a human user's skill level, quickly and efficiently.


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