Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant

Ailira is an artificial intelligence developed by Cartland Law that gives legal assistance. She is the first in the world of her type. Ailira does 2 things:

  • Automates tailored legal information for consumers
  • Automates legal research


Ailira’s consumer version is a chatbot. Ailira asks a number of questions via text (or speech) like an interview. That information is collated and can be analysed to provide tailored legal information, and also automatically generate documents.

Ailira solves the problem of providing cheaper legal information. Obviously it is not advice because robots cant give advice … yet. She is intended to be used by consumers of law for simpler questions, and not legal professionals (for whom the Research function is intended)

It is this advice function that won Commonwealth and State funding through the D3 Digital Challenge to assist victims of domestic violence and provide advice and automate domestic violence risk assessments and documents such as Intervention Orders. Ailira's Domestic Violence function in now live for BETA testing (sign up here).

Ailira's consumer version is now LIVE in relation to Business Structures and Wills. You can chat with her now at


Ailira's research function uses natural language processing to reduce research time from hours to minutes.

How does Ailira work? Consider the following statements:

  • Fruit flies like apples
  • Time flies when you are having fun

If you do a keyword search for the word "flies" a traditional search will rank each statement equally. But if I asked "What do flies like?" a human will instantly know that the answer is "apples" rather than "having fun". Ailira can understand that too.

This means you ask Ailira questions just as you would ask them to another person. For example

  • Question: “I have lived overseas for 5 years and have no intention of returning to Australia. I wish to sell my former Australian residence.  Will I have to pay capital gains tax on the proceeds of sale?”
  • Ailira: the second result returns the correct answer in s118-145(4), as well as highlighting a helpful example.

After a successful Beta test, Ailira's tax research function has been launched as a final product.

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